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Prospectuz DGTAL re-launches its own affiliate network DaromAd

on Tuesday, 31 July 2012. Posted in News / Новости

Prospectuz DGTAL is pleased to announce the re-launch of its earlier introduced service "DaromAd" – the most powerful and easy-to-use affiliate advertising network in Uzbekistan. It is currently in Beta and can be accessed on:

Following the initial release earlier in 2012, we received lots of feedback and suggestions from our users and general public, so we put the site down for few months and spent this time to fully re-create the platform by making it even more powerful with so many great new features requested.

What makes this network stand out among others, is that it was particularly designed to help foreign companies interested in marketing their products and services in Uzbekistan market as well as giving opportunity for Uzbekistan and national companies and entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in foreign markets through the effective use of performance based online advertising. DaromAd web platform will directly connect both foreign and local advertisers with site owners and publishers of popular Uzbekistan's web resources and simplify the process of placing ads online. For site owners (aka Partners), DaromAd will not only allow them to better monetize their websites by placing those ads on their sites and earn monthly commissions, but will also help to increase the popularity of their brands both locally and internationally.

In a traditional scenario where as an advertiser, you have to contact each publisher individually in order to advertise your products and services on their websites and go through a range of unnecessary documentations; or where as a site owner, you have to contact each advertiser in order to place their ads on your website to gain popularity and site monetization - DaromAd eliminates all of these hassles and gives you direct access to site owners and advertisers' online offers, and delivers you the end results. You have a maximum control for what ads you wish to apply for or on what web resources you wish to advertise.

DaromAd expands the effectiveness and vision of the Company's existing online business networking website, which was similarly designed to connect Uzbek professionals worldwide and help connect foreign professionals who are interested in doing business in Uzbekistan, or find potential Uzbek partners and useful contacts.

But don’t take our word for it, give DaromAd a try! Take your brand visibility across local web estates. Advertise your products and services, and better monetize your site with real time performance reports.

For more information about the benefits of using DaromAd network or request a FREE personal online demo, please email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Over the next coming months, we will be further enhancing the user interface of the site and publish some great video demos on how to use the network as well as some learning materials on affiliate marketing and online advertising.

We wish you successful networking with Prospectuz and profitable advertising with DaromAd!


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