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Advertiser Features

Performance based ad network

Leave period pricing based advertising behind and start focusing on the performance of your ads by paying only for the actual results delivered, whether it is number of clicks, lead, actions or sales.

Cost control and optimisation

Gain and keep control of your advertising by setting your own prices, click rates, daily and monthly budget caps. Daromad even suggests you the ideal minimum bid amount for your given campaign, which you can level up, and be certain you don’t go over your set minimum advertising budget.

Full campaign management and scheduling

Enjoy the comfort of fully managing your campaign with easy to use tools and guidance wizards. You can even decide when your ad campaign is active – when to start delivering your ads and when to stop, on what days of a week and what hours of a day your ads are to be displayed.

Focused extensive targeting

Ensure your ads reach your desired local and international audience by targeting specific industries and content channels, countries and regions, keywords and phrases.

Extensive keywords support

Choose exact, phrase, broad, or negative keyword matching for your ads. Daromad uses a fuzzy logic that understands broad matches through the entire provided phrase based on the current percent-of-match settings, regardless of the order of words in the phrase.

Easy pre-paid system with auto-funding

Advertise in a "pay as you go" style pre-paid style and choose between credit card, wire bank transfer and PayPal payment methods to fund your account. You can even set up auto-funding to ensure uninterrupted advertising.


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