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Publisher Features

Fast and effective site monetisation

Experience the fastest, most effective and reliable platform to generate revenue from your website. Earn industry standard and higher commissions from displaying ads of local and international brands on your sites.

Timely relevant ads and offers

Enrich your webpages with ads highly related to their content. Let your users feel advertisements as informative parts of your pages, enhance CTR of ads on your site and increase your earnings. Forget about manually setting keywords for each of your ad blocks to fill them with keyword matching ads as Daromad does that for you by automatically scanning your pages content, finding words that match advertiser target criteria and delivering the most relevant ads on your sites.

Ads inventory control across multiple sites

Enjoy the comfort of managing your whole ads inventory from a single central location and disperse your ads delivery across several domains – wherever you have publishing rights and access. Use sub-IDs to distinguish your web estates in reports.

Flexible ad codes

Enjoy simple HTML ad codes or use advanced code version to customize ad delivery for better matching to your site’s look and feel. Daromad uses JavaScript to IFRAME IAB ad rendering for optimum load time and flexible ad delivery. As long as you deliver quality traffic, Daromad never restricts where you can use ad codes.

Content channels optimisation

Gain further insights by getting to know the most and least performing parts of your website by creating Publisher Channels for improved reporting and refinement


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