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Do you own or manage more than one website with ad spots to fill in? Wouldn't it feel great to provide your visitors with relevant ads and earn good commissions at the same time without even contacting advertisers directly? Perhaps you already do this and happy with your own solution, but as there is always a room for improvement, why not try new ways of doing it more effectively and with much less efforts and resources? Display advertising is still valued as one of the primary site monetisation strategies. An growing demand in quality traffic by businesses to promote their brands is making online advertising even more attractive. However, choosing the most productive and reliable method of serving market ads on your website is not an easy task as it may seem at first glance, but with Daromad you can be sure you've made the right choice and decision.

How Daromad is different?

Daromad is an advanced, light-speed ad delivery network, which is designed to maximize your earnings from display advertising. It provides the most relevant to your sites content ads. Powerful contextual advertising system indexes your site and defines essential keywords. This ensures that your web pages are enriched with useful ads from trusted advertisers. We offer international standard ad formats recommended by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). All these measures are taken to ensure highest possible efficiency of ads delivered. Also, the best thing about web ad codes from Daromad is that they can be used anywhere - you decide where to paste them and have ads displayed. And as you might manage many websites belonging to your own business or on behalf of your clients, Daromad gives you all you need to handle ad delivery to different sites. Backed up by these rules you can always be sure that Daromad ads never devastate the prestige of your sites or cause page slow-downs.

How Daromad can help my business?

We understand how it could be a tedious process to manage your ad inventory on multiple websites and ensure those ad spots serve good ads that could generate you income to support your business. For this matter, not only you need to contact every prospective advertiser individually and pitch them your web estates through commercial proposals and other marketing materials, you might also need to hire one or two web developers to help you set up your ad zones and provide some basic reporting for advertisers, which can be very time and labour intensive on top of your already invested resources.

And here is Daromad, providing you with a simple yet powerful solution to make your sites monetisation process fast, easy and really enjoyable. Moreover, with some other traditional ad server platforms, you need to manually set keywords for each of your ad spots in order for relevant ads to appear, but with Daromad - you won't have to. It scans full content of your sites, matches it with keywords set by advertisers and then displays matching ads on most relevant ad spots. So it saves you lots of time and money by leaving you to focus on your business and further optimise your website and content. With Daromad's great optimisation and reporting tools, you can always monitor and report on the performance of your total ads inventory, content channels and earnings from one single robust platform.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Hard to believe? But it's true. Using Daromad is free for publishers and media partners but your submitted domains would have to be approved by our team to make sure they function right and contain good quality relevant content that could be of interest to advertisers. So, you have nothing to loose with Daromad, instead, it can help you generate a good income from your website, and if you need any help at any point, we're here to assist you via email or live chat support. Moreover, if you manage 3rd party websites, you generate even further income for offering such ad inventory management and optimisation service to your clients with our free platform, as long as you follow the rules.

How and where ads are displayed?

Online ads are displayed on approved and active sites' destinations which match the search, content, industry and geo-targeting criteria set by advertisers. So as a media partner, you don't have to worry about relevancy as the platform does that for you by placing most matched ads on most relevant pages of your websites. For example, if you place Banking & Finance industry ad code into your website page which contains Jobs & Career content, the chances are the former industry related ad will not be displayed, which is a good thing both for you and your advertiser. Ad codes are also tied to their specified domains, so if you place the ad code of domain A to domain B, the ad will not appear, so you can be confident about the security of the platform.

How do I start?

You can start right away by clicking the blue button below to register and once your details and domains have been approved, you'll be able to discover and test the platform from inside, so you get a good feel of how easy it is to display ads and manage ad inventory across multiple sites. To start earning commissions, generate ad code through our easy step-by-step wizard and paste the output code on your sites where you wish to advertise. The rest of enormous work of classifying and delivering relevant ads is carried out by the platform. 

But if you're not sure and wish to have someone walk you through the process and answer all your questions, you can request your free personalised demo at your convenient time by clicking the green button below, and one of our specialists will contact you to confirm the time.

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